Monday, January 07, 2008.
A very new new year to everyone.
9:50 PM
okay. a new year marks a new beginning. counting down the new year in a cinema. coool. 2008, the year we have to rewrite the year. the year we have to say eight. the year which is after 07 and before 09. cool..

alright, shall not blog with whatever i have done, getting bored yeah. for 2008 - i shall set myself a little unrealistic target, that is to earn my first $100000 is a legal way. and hope i do it.. heh heh. i can just go and jump down yeah.

school started this morning, cant get to sleep well because of sudden change of bed time. woke up to my unusual bath and to the unusual walk and trip on a mrt. back to the usual class and everyone nnononono, some of them have changed throughout the holiday, people i dont know well now have became people who i talk to always. and people who i knew well last semester have somehow turn a lil stranger. new lectures and new tAsk, which will invite new stress. hahaha

i will definitely grab my final fantasy models once i start working and i mean alL!!!.. =D.

now i can imagine alot of geography disaster, such as water level decrease or increase in the future year to come, or maybe an earth without any humans , wao that will be marvellous. i mean for the effect haha. singapore with disneyland and universal studio. singapore with casino and 3rd IR 4th IR 5th IR 6th IR. wao!!. or even snow or winter in singapore!!!.. hahahaha

all mentioned are just illusion of the impossible . so yeah keep dreaming!!!

alright then. new post for new year.

time to do some serious work!!


music. the drug everyone is addicted to. music

Sunday, November 25, 2007.
finally updated..
12:05 PM
okay after months of absense here, i shall blog now because i am done with all my projects, so now the time to blog and slack have come. okay , before i go to after , let talk about before. i was actually busy with my deigning intervention project, it was a project for me to design a room of a particular concept by the designer i hav chosen. so mine was to create a dense and functional room. haha alright then fast forwrd to submission day. we submitted our work and the usual group of us went to terence house to watch movie. we had fun yeah and soon the next day , we went to vivo city to check out an exhibition of architect. it was a small one though. the next day went east coast, the girls are too afraid to be in the rollarblading shoes and they changed to bike instead haha. so fun. and we have our round of phototaking again. cool.

so to everyone who want to see my updates right!!.. hahahaa.. my holidays are here!!. start from 4th of dec. i wanted to save the last few day for someone else.. heh heh. this year class is definitely better than any other class i have been since out of secondary school. it is not better, it is the best and its just 4 months only, can't wait for the class to start again. i have so much admiration to so many people in my class. a bunch of friends to work with and joke with.

so this is the updated update i have hahahaa.. so takekare everyone!!

may all your wishes came true yeah!!! hopefully mine too..

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Friday, October 05, 2007.
Chapter 2 begins
12:56 AM
alright, there is alot of things i would like to blog about..

recently i was filled up with tons and tons of work. i just couldn't stop doing work. my group which comprises 7 people , will never turn out with a complete number for each meeting.. i wonder why. and the problem we facing now is actually not the time constrand or even problem faced, its that we keep trying to change ideas. oh great. this doesn't turn out well, change, hey here go error , change. oh great.. i am going to get a headache man!! hahaha.

well,because of the stupid project we have, i have been staying up in school until late this few days. oh great, saying about this my workplace Bossini, just retrenched almost all the part timer in my shop. oh great!. without any valid reason, wele there is one actually, over manpower. argh .. stupid management of bossini, say retrenched and we get retrenched. freak great. nevermind about me getting retrenched anyway because i am going off in 2 weeks time too, but my the other two colleague who still wantd to continue working get retrenched too, and they are really freaking mad about this.. hahaha freak BOSSINI!!!.. to think i still stayed for almost a year there. shit !!!. the management in the west just sucks!!. especially that R guy.

alright.. i am getting tired this few days.. argh...

mr jeff!! u got to work harder this year round!!.. its not the foundation year anymore.. its LEVEL ONE!!.. great!!.. stop thinking of slacking !!.. DO YOUR WORK!!!.. hahaha..

well while doing our project we have our fun time too yeeah.. came out with a small union hahha yellow banana sumting sumting.. hahaha.. yeah.. but yeah.. great fun time we have . do work, slack, eat everything together this few days. and its so fun. well.

gtg le and sleep!!


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Wednesday, September 26, 2007.
1:47 AM
i am so f*cking piss ofF!!. stop thinking of yourself??!!.

music. the drug everyone is addicted to. music

Monday, September 24, 2007.
1:06 AM
alright here to blog again.. seriously, i seems to be a relation counsellor nowadays .. omg!! hahaa.. maybe i can try to go for a job of counsellor. heh heh well today rotted at home , and went for work at 3.30. wao!! the shop have done a slight renovation by putting up a green signboard and green pillar hahah!! it is so green la!!. then work n work.. create so much din in the shop. aei hua is sure damn fun to crap haha. =D. another thing is i miss the coke float that macdonald once have!! hahaha..

tml i will be having school heh heh.. seriously i loving the class so much !!better than past year!! .. it is so damn fun to hang out with .. =D. interior design i loving it!! =D.. hehe

alright fren i have nth more to blog .. haha takekare all! and hopefully i got more to blog tml!.

fun day awaits!! yeah ciao!!

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Friday, September 21, 2007.
thru your eyes.
10:54 PM
Well, i am here.

one of the many projects in school have finished and today was the presentation. i did badly i must say, i sucks in presenting. all the stuff i thought before didn't came out. my mind was blank when i see all those can i overcome it?. i guess i am the worst presentation in the whole class. =(

alright, i realised with my new laptop, i am online like every day and i been addicted to it, argh. can just someone lock my laptop?? heh heh

i been asking myself seriously, do i really need a girl now?. am i really ready for a relation??. maybe not. i feel tired of moving forward.

this thing about "relation" is just haunting me. and this make me consider. maybe i shdn't focus on finding a gf anymore. just stay the way i am.. i am happy with myself alone isn't it??.. maybe.

is it really hard to find someone i love??. or she love??.

feeling tired and tired . tired of work, tired of homework, tired of relation, tired of slacking.

forget about everything and blink your eyes.. you be fine jeff!!

put your mind at ease.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007.
what am i doing and thinking!!!
11:38 PM
what am i thinking jeff!!..

don't go back to where u are last time!!..

dont fall back!!..

jia you jia you jia you!!!..

get away!!..

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